Smart home

The apartments of the Gabor Villa have a home-automation system which can be controlled from smart devices, thus electricity (illumination, sockets), heating, cooling, shading shade system and the safety system can be remote controlled. With this 21st century equipment the apartments are more comfortable, safer and more energy efficient than a traditional apartment.

With the smart home function the apartments of the Gabor Villa are in the greatest possible safety and in addition to this the system also provides several comfort functions.

The heating-cooling system can be adjusted to the needs of the residents and can be controlled with mobile devices and thus the temperature can be programmed. The system is connected to the meteorological stations and continuously optimizes the selected room temperature to the external temperature and humidity.

With the help of the saved data and the statistics therefrom the system also helps to save energy and thus reduce monthly costs. The consumption measuring sockets, the intelligent and controllable heating system and the lights which can be turned off automatically are all important elements of a more efficient energy consumption.

The remote supervision system can continuously store the data measured, which can be searched retrospectively and shown on a chart. This way the conditions of an inefficient operation can be documented or a defect can be easily detected.

The system has a very informative user interface, reading of the main characteristics and parameters does not require any kind of professional knowledge.

We offer a remote controllable automatic system


  • web access on all traditional Internet browsers
  • multilevel user interface
  • graphic display of the recently registered data
  • the possibility to adjust heating and warm water parameters
  • system devices and functions to be expanded
  • the possibility to operate different devices in a more cost-efficient way
  • the possibility to display the main parameter of heat producing devices
  • optimized operation according to the program time


Energy savings

  • through full system integration and
  • the registration of measurements


The user interface of the system

is an elegantly designed touchscreen panel carrying out the regulation and control tasks within the apartment, based on the information provided:

  • temperature measurement per apartment,
  • heating control
  • cooling control
  • ventilation control,
  • heat amount measurement

Further accessible functions:

  • deactivation of illumination and sockets, when alarm is activated,
  • deactivation of water supply, when alarm is activated (e.g. after the end of the washing program of the washing machine – these are controlled through electricity consumption measurement),
  • (joint) control of the shading system,
  • air quality control,
  • humidity check
  • signal receiver for alarm


Intelligent ventilation system

Hoval comfort ventilation technology ensures constant fresh air through continuous air suck-in and exhaust. In cold weather, the remaining heat energy of the discharged air is used by the HomeVent® system to warm the fresh air. The energy saving capability of the Hoval systems is exceptional. The fresh air is filtered and thus pollen free and possesses optimum humidity year-round.


System safety

It is important that users can only connect to and control the devices installed in their own homes.

The system provides full protection for users and complies with all safety requirements regarding automation systems.