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Elegance in green - Gabor Villa
Premium category luxury apartments
in the green belt of Budapest district II.

In the noble and distinguished green spaces of Buda, in the new, elegant building of Rózsadomb, 4 roomy, sunny smart homes await their new residents. The building has been planned with the newest machinery technology in compliance with the 2020 energy requirements.

Thanks to the very special position of the plot of land all upstairs apartments have a balcony and the penthouse has been planned with a terrace. The apartments have a panoramic view of Buda and the Danube. The Gabor Villa is built in a quiet, green part of the district only a few meters away from the entrance of the Szemlő-hegyi cave. Thanks to their east-west orientation the solar exposure of the apartments is maximal, and the proportion of green areas of the plot of land is 65 %.

The Villa is exceptionally well situated not only from a natural perspective, but also concerning traffic. With the tram network and buses stopping only a few minutes from the building the town can be reached very easily, the same is true for travelling by car. The nearby school, nursery school, post office, pharmacy, shopping possibilities and sport centres are all for the convenience of the residents of the Villa.

Gabor Villa brings a home constructed with the best possible materials and the most modern technology, thus the real luxury of Buda, into the life of its residents.

On the plot of the Villa once supposedly stood the home of Zsazsa Gábor American-Hungarian actress, which she inherited from her father.

Learn all about the exclusive and - from the perspective of both energy efficiency and position - really green luxury apartments of the Gabor Villa.

Limited number of apartments are available:
1025 Budapest, Pusztaszeri út 24/A

Luxury smart homes in Buda
near the town centre




Parking spots in an indoor garage



Plot Area

Plot area

985 m²
Green Area

Proportion of green areas


Expected delivery date

end of 2018



Monolith watertight foundation

The building will be built with thermal insulation complying with the 2020 energy requirements. With the planned machinery and in case of solar cells installed the building might be classified as AA+.

Central heating, cooling and warm water supply system with the use of renewable energies

Anti-slip terrazzo surface in the staircase

Steel-case storage doors

Automated Hörmann section garage gate with remote control

Energy efficient, low noise elevator with a capacity of 630 kg



A park garden for joint use with own garden areas for the apartments L1 and L2.

Automated irrigation system


Individual, tailor-made layout or turnkey apartments

Ceiling cooling and heating supported by a heat pump and a solar cell system, in case of extreme cold weather supported by a gas boiler

Possibility to integrate smart home systems, which would significantly reduce the operational costs of the building

Intelligent, internet-based thermostat

Security entrance doors complying with the standards of the Hungarian Association of Insurance Companies (MABISZ) and the Building Quality Control Innovation non-profit company (ÉMI) with wooden veneer

Thermo-insulated windows Internorm with fixed and moveable elements, outside aluminium, inside plastic, with three-layer solar protection glasses (U=0.7 W/m2K)

External shading system with metal lamellas and remote control

Individual, tempered safety glass balcony and terrace railings with hidden consoles

Wooden floor to be chosen freely

Kitchen connection points

Ceramic flooring to be chosen freely

Individual usage meters

Ventilation system which can be connected to the smart home system

The apartments complying with the strict 2020 energetic requirements can reach the AA+ classification, if solar cells are installed.